World Peace University Foundation

Education is the key to unlocking a world of peace.

Mahatma Gandhi

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

George Washington Carver

About Us

World Peace University Foundation is a nonprofit initiative committed to fostering global peace through accessible education. Our flagship project, the World Peace University, working on innovative online hybrid education programs dedicated to the pursuit of peace, nonviolence, and sustainable living.

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in flight dove

Flagship Programes

World Peace University is an innovative online platform that aims to consolidate all peace-related curriculum into one accessible place. It not only seeks to organize social action peace research but also actively promotes a culture of peace through education. The university's unique approach includes providing tuition-free education from certificate to PhD level, completely eliminating the need for paper documentation. By advocating for sustaining peace and a more sustainable world, World Peace University strives to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to create a global environment characterized by harmony, understanding, and tranquility.

One World Family Home is our flagship program, which is a unique campus-based initiative. We plan to establish one in Washington and another in Rishikesh. This program aims to create a community where anyone, regardless of age, can come and find peace of mind. Whether you are looking for a place to retire or simply seeking tranquility, everyone is welcome to stay with us. Our target is to start this initiative in October 2025. It's important to note that One World Family Home is not an old age home or a hospice. Instead, it is a living community that offers both learning and experiential opportunities. We invite all individuals to join us in this journey towards inner peace and harmony.

Life-changing programs that inspire peace and transform lives.


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